Spartan Spirit Nights

Below are the events we have scheduled, previously referred to as our Dining for Dollars:


5pm to 8pm

November, 16th



Modern Market

We cook using simple, whole ingredients that come from farms, not factories. We make most things from scratch, even down to our salad dressings and pizza dough. This has led to a menu that satisfies virtually any dietary requirement – vegan, celiac, paleo, raw, south beach, high carb, low carb, and also low GCI.

Be sure to mention Sunset Middle School!



Grocery Cards

It’s easy to earn FREE MONEY for Sunset Middle School !


King Soopers and Safeway will give back 5% of the money loaded on the grocery cards.


If 100 families from SMS load $250 a month on their card for 12 months, Sunset PAC will earn $15,000!!

 It’s SO EASY!!  

New cards are available at the Sunset front office.  

Contact Christie Zingerman if you have any questions.